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John Cullen
The Program

Hello,I'm an addict named John my friends call me Crash. I have my original clean date of 12/19/95 due to the program of Narcotics Anonymous a miracle given to me by the God of my understanding. I truly believe in the program, and not only do I work but I live this program. Nothing before has ever worked for my addiction and I have tried a lot of things. There is nothing like the theraputic value of one addict helping another. I've embraced this program with every inch of Honesty,Open-mindedness and Willingness I have the three main keys for this program to work in one's life. I believe in living an entire program. 1) A power greater than myself and turning it over. 2) Regular meeting attendance. 3) A Sponsor. 4) Working the steps with my sponsor. 5) Living the steps. 6) A support group & using that support. 7) Service work. 8) Carrying the message to the newcomers. 9) Living just for today.
By not only working but living and applying the above mentioned things into my life what I have learned that is important in my life today is: 1) A God of my understanding: Without this I would not have the program of Narcotics Anonymous. 2) Narcotics Anonymous: Without this I would not have the life I have or the people that I have in my life that are so dear to me. 3) A Sponsor: A very dear loving man who teaches me how to live the program. 4) My signifigant other: Not only someone who is working and living the program also but someone who lived through mine and well as her own active addiction. Who has stayed with me through thick and thin. 5) The six most wonderful(for the most part) children a man could ask for:Jason,Rick,Jeremy,Jennifer,Tiffany and Crissy. 6) My Grandchildren: Cierra (who has passed away),Dakota (who also passsed away),Amanda,Dillon,Ashley and R.J..Miracles of my Higher Power.

How This Program Has Worked For Me.

Since I have been in recovery some of the things that have gone on in my life are: 1) I went through the seperation of a ten year relationship. 2) I lost a great job I had for many years. 3) I've spent two stays in the hospital for depression. 4) I have a son who wanted to commit suicide. 5) I had two Grandchildren who passed away.This isn't counting all the little things either. By living the program of Narcotics Anonymous, keeping my head up and moving forward what has happened is: 1) I was given that relationship back and it's better than ever. 2) I was given a better job that I have had since the beginning of my recovery. 3) I've done what I needed to do for my depression outside of NA. 4) My son is going to counciling and doing what he needs to do for himself. 5) I have four new beautiful Granchildren in my life. Without living the NA way none of this would have even been possible. Applying what I've been given is the only way I now know. A MIRACLE.

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